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Jessica Walrack
Jessica Walrack

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The thing about cash flow is that it is sometimes unpredictable, and needs do often arise in an unprecedented fashion. You may be just a few dollars short on your car payment, rent, or electric bill.

This means that your access to essential utilities may be cut, your car could get repossessed, or your landlord might be filing for eviction. Sometimes, a few dollars in your bank account doesn't make much of a difference. At other times, it may seem as though your whole world depends on only a few dollars.

LenderMill 100 dollar loan

What is a 100 Dollar Loan?

A 100 dollar loan or $100 payday loan is one of the fastest payday loans available to people who need emergency funds to overcome a short term financial hitch. Fast payday loans like these can also range above $100 and are typically processed within minutes and disbursed in less than 24 hours.

The good thing about payday loans is that they mostly do not require hard credit checks, so borrowers with low credit scores can apply. The most important criteria for you to consider is your ability to pay back on schedule, as the interest could add up to more than what you actually borrowed. You can get a $100 loan until your next payday to overcome a short term financial situation. In fact, they're ideal loans for the unemployed as you get to pay them back within 2-3 weeks after getting the funds.

How Can I Borrow $100?

All right, you're probably asking, "So, how can I borrow $100?"

The process is simple, fast, and straightforward. If you're borrowing from LenderMill, for instance, all you need to do is fill out and submit an online application form, and an approval decision will be made in minutes. Here's an extra perk — good credit isn't required. If approved, you will get the funds in your bank account within 24 hours or the next business day.

What is The Easiest Loan to Be Approved For?

Payday loans, such as 100 dollar loans, get approved faster and easier than other loans. This is because you don't need good credit standing to apply. No collaterals are required, and the amounts involved are typically small.

How Do I Know If I'm eligible for a $100 payday loan?

Considering that more than 90% of borrowers get approved, almost everyone is eligible for a fast 100 dollar payday loan. Remember, a good credit score is not a criterion for deciding your eligibility. Besides, the loan application will not affect your FICO® credit score. So, if you need a 100 payday loan today, you're most likely eligible.

However, not every borrower who requests a 100 dollar loan or any payday loan gets approved. You may still be denied despite the high approval rates. Certain circumstances could disqualify you. For instance, if you have defaulted severally on similar loans with other lenders, you may be denied. If you don't have all the requirements, such as a checking bank account and a social security number, it could also affect you.

How Can I Get a Small Loan Fast?

It is pretty easy to get a small loan fast. Most companies who offer short term loans are usually fast with their response. To apply for a $100-200 dollar loan from LenderMill, fill out a quick online application on your computer or mobile phone. It takes just minutes. If you're approved, you’ll get the funds deposited in your bank account in as little as one business day.

However, to make the process seamless for you, have the following ready before applying for a small loan:

  • Your personal information (name, address, SSN, and a means of ID)
  • A checking account that accepts electronic transfers
  • Your source of income
  • You must also be 18 or older and be a US citizen or legal resident.
  • Service members on active duty or the dependents of an active duty member may apply.

Where Can I Get 100 dollars Fast?

There are several lenders out there from whom you can take out fast payday loans today. Most of them follow the same process for application and approval of your loan request. However, you want to be sure that the interest rate is reasonable and there are no additional charges beyond what was advertised.

A 100 dollars payday loan a perfect choice if you're searching for payday loans. Loans are often sent to the borrower's account not later than the next business day from the day of application.

Direct Lender for Fast Loan Payday

Unlike some online "lenders," who aren't actual lenders, direct lenders process your application themselves and disburse the funds directly to you. A lot of online lenders are mere advertisers. When you apply for a payday loan through their website, your information is sent to one or more lenders to see if they want to issue a loan. Upon approval of your request, you are automatically connected to an actual lender within 30 seconds. Your lender may then answer your questions and explain the terms and conditions to borrow 100 dollars.

If you're approved, the advertiser gets paid, often via a hidden fee that you must pay. Direct lenders handle every step of your loan application (except where they are required by law to operate otherwise). This means that you know exactly who you're dealing with and who has your personal information right from start to finish.

Hidden Charges

When you apply for a payday loan from a direct lender, the fees you'll pay are exactly what you see when you submit. Every payment due, including interest, is given to you upfront. So when looking to get a 100 dollar payday loan, you should watch out for hidden charges.

No Roll-Overs

Some lenders offer roll-overs. This only gives you temporary relief, but it's not good because you're charged a new fee every time.

Before you know it, you may end up spiraling down a debt trap. Hence, it best to go for lenders that don't offer roll-overs.

Will a Low Credit Score Affect My Eligibility For a Small Loan?

No, a bad credit score will not affect you, especially if you can prove your ability to repay. Neither do your payday loan application affect your credit score, as most payday loan lenders will not do a hard check on you.